My Miracle Breakthrough

I have another testimony to share about a miracle breakthrough in regards to my career.

If you recall, last year I shared briefly about some of my ramblings at work.

Since then, I was praying that this year would be the year that God would give me a breakthrough in my career to take me to the next level of growth.

After five months, He made it happened. And it was nothing short of a miracle.

The breakthrough

Without boring you with the full details, my direct boss who moved to join a private education organisation (PEO) unexpectedly offered me a job position to join him.

The role that I was offered was marketing and communications in nature and required me to oversee and execute the advertising and promotion of the PEO’s offerings.

Needlessly to say, I recognised it as God’s timely answer to my prayer and gratefully accepted the offer.

I am now in my second week with my new job.

The journey through

This miracle breakthrough brings back memories of my relentless search for my initial desired job upon my graduation some years ago.

Yes you guessed correctly, it was marketing communications. However, all my attempts led to closed doors then.

Now after a long and tedious journey of equipping, the door has finally opened. And it opened in such fashion that it gives full credit to God.

He has done it again; making things happen in my life in spite of the odds that are stacked against me.

Thank you God.

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About andrewong2024

I'm just your regular guy who is in pursuit of his purpose in life. And life it seems, is a spiritual journey towards self-completion that ultimately leads one towards a lifestyle of service for the betterment of our society. This blog is entails that journey.

2 responses to “My Miracle Breakthrough”

  1. Seah says :

    Congrats to u, bro!

    God’s timing is always “zhun” and perfect.

  2. andrewong2024 says :


    Thanks bro… God is good :)

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