Towards the BIG Day

A sneak peek into one of our wedding photo shoot outfits- our Manchester United jerseys. What can I say?? We’re die-hard fans =p

Can’t believe it!?? Counting down to 130 more days before I sacrifice lose my single-hood for good. Ha ha…

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About andrewong2024

I'm just your regular guy who is in pursuit of his purpose in life. And life it seems, is a spiritual journey towards self-completion that ultimately leads one towards a lifestyle of service for the betterment of our society. This blog is entails that journey.

3 responses to “Towards the BIG Day”

  1. Teck Keong says :

    Cool to take wedding photos in such personalized manner!! You and Sharmaine look real cool couple..”)

  2. andrewong2024 says :

    Hi TK,

    Thanks for the comments… but more delighted to be keeping tabs with one another despite the distance.

    Great stories and history you guys a making at Peru :)

  3. yeu@nn says :

    awwww! so sweet… :)

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