Riding on His wave

Honestly, I do not know where to begin with this simply because I’m still in a state of awe with what has been unfolding before me.

But I’ll start by saying that this new job that will see me (and my wife) relocate in Vietnam is a miracle.

As I reflect how this was even possible in the first place, there’s no denying that it is all His doing.

There are just too many divine connections, circumstances and decisions made that worked seamlessly over the years to make this happened.

Aside from this being my dream job in terms of the role, industry and overseas market, this was also the country that I was targeting to work and live one day with my family.

In fact, my plan was to arrive in Vietnam by 2018. But I guess God had other plans for me on His time-table.

No doubt that this is a testimony attesting of God’s accelerated growth towards spreading His transformational love in Asia. And I’m riding on that wave.

Though I may not know exactly what this wave will take me through, but by faith I know it will take me to places where I will be able to see more of His glory in its fullness.

And that is all that matters to me; to be closer to Him and to be in the centre of His will in fulfilling His purpose.

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About andrewong2024

I'm just your regular guy who is in pursuit of his purpose in life. And life it seems, is a spiritual journey towards self-completion that ultimately leads one towards a lifestyle of service for the betterment of our society. This blog is entails that journey.

3 responses to “Riding on His wave”

  1. chris.siew says :

    Andrew, I just saw this post! Encouraging indeed! Hope you are well settled in Vietnam now. May you see more of God’s hands over there!


  2. Teck Keong says :

    SY and I saw some post on facebook saying that you and Sharmaine are relocating to Vietnam, we were pleasantly surprised! I believe God is up to something great according to the grandeur of His plan for you and your wife. Walk close and hold tight to Him. He is walking with you guys every step of the way and we are praying and testifying every step of the way.:) So happy for you guys, it’s going to be challenging yet exciting!

  3. andrewong2024 says :

    Thank you Christina and Teck Keong for the well wishes! We shall see the glory of God will fill the whole earth!

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