As He is, so am I…

Funny as this may sound, but I do find myself feeling guilty or embarrassed when I think I have received too much of God’s blessings or favour.

Have you felt the same way?

Responding to His blessings

I would also find myself in an uneasy situation where I would feel embarrassed to share those awesome testimonies with others when required to.

The common struggle would be my overly concern about what others might think of me and perceived that I am boasting or bragging.

This is especially so when it happens to be in the aspect of material/practical or financial prosperity.

I guess this might have to do with a wrong self-image or being rooted in a wrong theology towards finances that had not been addressed before.

However, I have being unlearning, re-learning and learning these matters and realised that I should neither deny nor be ashamed of His blessings and favour over my life.

By doing so, I would be de-valuing who I am as His child and not allowing Him to be fully and accurately reflected in my life.

Learning from Joseph

I read in the Bible that among all of Jacob’s sons, he doted and loved Joseph the most.

When Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful robe, he put it on despite knowing that it would have incurred the wrath of his brothers.

But he still did it because he was more interested in honouring his dad than gaining the approval of his brothers.

Likewise, I recognised that God loves me unreservingly. And His blessings and favour are bestowed upon me undeservingly.  This is for His glory, not mine.

More importantly, my self-image and identity are held up in God as His child; His beloved and anointed son.

As He is, so am I.

Updates on My New Job

Today marks the first month for me being in my new job.

My transition into this new organisation has been somewhat smooth with nice colleagues and an awesome office environment to boot.

This new job is a blessing. It was an unexpected ‘door’ opened as I was headhunted by my current employer.

Initially, I wasn’t interested in the job that was offered as I had just settled into my newly appointed marketing position then.

But after much prayer and deliberation, I saw it as His move and went ahead.

God is good. Taking that step of faith has led me to a promotion which also came with a generous increment.

But of cos, these are just some of the perks. More importantly, this has brought me another step closer to His plans for me.

Personally, this was clearly a miracle that had God’s finger prints all over.

This was His acceleration at work. And without His grace and favour, this would not have been possible.