More Testimonies on Answered Prayers

Brother Boon Yeong is a friend of mine who has been a Christian for less than a year.

I would like to share two of his  most recent personal experiences with answered prayers from God.

Do read on below and be not only encouraged, but start praying too!

1. Finding my home

Since last November, I had been looking for a home to buy in Johor Bahru for my family.

For a long time, I was not able to find any that met my requirements. They have been either too small, too costly or the location was not ideal.

Till then, I did not pray to God for His help. However, the situation changed when I decided to pray.

I was led to list down the criteria of my new home. After listing them down, I committed them to God in prayer. In total, I listed 14 of them.

The next day, my prayer was incredibly answered. Through an estate agent, I found my new home which met all but one of my lists of criteria that I had listed the night before.

Wow…. I was amazed by the almost immediate effect of my prayer for my new home!

2. My job conversion

I joined AT&T as a contract staff. After a year, I was encouraged to apply for a full-time position in last September as there  was available headcount then. I applied and had committed it to God in prayer.

I waited for a month. No news. Another month past, still no news. I became impatient and this time I asked my cell group to pray for me.

In my heart, I was hoping that my conversion to a full-time position would go through in December. But still there was no update.

In January, I received discouraging news that the conversion would not take place due to recession. I was disappointed that my prayers were not answered.

How come God did not answer my prayer? Was it because I was not sincere enough in my prayer?

After some time, I realised I should consider myself fortunate since there are many people who have been retrenched in this recession. That changed perspective led me from being disgruntled to become grateful.

I thanked God for His providence and pledged my love and loyalty to Him in regardless of the circumstances. I continued to persist in my prayers for the conversion.

Finally, last month (February) I was greeted with an unexpected news. I received news that my position was successfully converted to a full-time one!

These two experiences with God have taught me to be patient and to submit my plans to Him. As God is always in control, His timing is always perfect; never too early and never too late; just in time. He is faithful.

One thought on “More Testimonies on Answered Prayers

  1. wow… praise the Lord yet once again! I’m reminded of Psalm 65:2 – “O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.” =D

    God’s really so good and gracious to us… praise the Father who gave, and gave so much.

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