True Riches in Christ

B.jpgGreat fellowship with the ENZER man, Boyd Au who walked the holy grail of an entrepreneur by successfully taking a start up to IPO. More importantly, God ambushed and saved Him in that journey!

Boyd never fails to inspire me with his servitude in spite of his accomplishments, and not to forget wealth; pursuing true heavenly riches above worldly riches!

You may read Boyd’s story here>>>

Philippians 3:7-8
“But whatever were gain
s to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ “

God’s mighty men

My powerful weekend during last week’s services (24-25 Sep’ 2011) at City Harvest Church. Here’s me with my spiritual leaders from Singapore and Vietnam.

From right: Kelvin Chew, my cell leader, Pastor Kong Hee and Pastor Vinh from Agape Outreach Church, Vietnam.

Saluting a true champion

After his team was defeated by a sensational Barcelona team during the recent European final, many expected Alex Ferguson to throw in the towel and retire.

But he did not.

Instead, this 70-year old manager has been busy getting his team ready to mount another challenge in the new season.

“You shouldn’t be afraid of a challenge. We’ve got better and better. We want to improve. Of course, next season, we must improve even more,” said Alex Ferguson after the defeat.

Indeed, champions are not those who do not fail but they’re those who do not quit.

It is safe to say that Manchester United are the champions they are today because of their manager’s winning mentality.

Alex, is one person that readily admits that he does not enjoy being second best and his team not only understands that but adopts his winning mentality.

If his 24 years at the same club and winning 12 championship titles is not convincing proof of his insatiable appetite for winning, I do not know what is.

I truly take my hat off and salute this true champion of a man.

Winners don’t quit

Meet Takalah (means “never or cannot lose” in Malay). This is one person you got to know and respect. I had the privilege to meet him during the last excruciating 10km of the marathon.

Please do read his amazing story here>>>.

Kristos Kai Kosmos

With the godly man himself who brought us “Kristos Kai Kosmos” or Christ in Culture- Dr. Rev. A. R. Bernard on 22 August 2010. Picture taken during his upclose and personal interview with City News.

My Open Letter to Pastor Kong Hee

This is my open letter to pastor Kong Hee that I’ve penned to express my deep appreciation for what God has done through Him that has impacted my life. It is also my way of presenting another perspective of the sort person and leader that he is to his congregation. If he ever reads this, I hope my words would be of some encouragement to him in this difficult period.

Dear Pastor,

I’d joined this CHC family less than two years ago and you were one of the main reasons that had influenced my decision.

In our local Christian community, there ain’t many spiritual leaders that dare to live out the word of God with the kind of convictions that you display which I deemed as all-rounded, balanced and progressive.

Before I joined CHC, I must confess that I was one of your critics that didn’t approve of your scriptural teachings and brand of Christianity. But that changed after a defining moment in my walk with God a few years ago.

During a period where I was seeking God desperately over my holy dissatisfaction of my spiritual life, CHC came into my life as His answer to my cry. I stumbled upon CHC’s website and watched the online sermons. The word of God that was presented provided me with clarity on my situation.

There’s this saying that best describes that defining moment when this happened: “When your mind is open, the teacher appears.”

That teacher is YOU.

After observing and listening to you weekly with an opened mind and heart, I saw what I didn’t see before when I was a critic- your deep passionate love for God and people.

Your love for God and for people is evident, and that love explodes through your preaching and practical service to those around you. Your exemplary lifestyle of servanthood never fails to challenge me to love God and people in my life more than ever before.

Your message of the cultural mandate has also given me a new leash of faith and spiritual fervour to be the Church in the marketplace and not merely doing church that’s confined within the four walls.

Now I can see through the extravagant, colourful, loud and sophisticated themes and style that is commonly associated with CHC. Beneath all of that is just a simple and genuine LOVE that strives to reach to those who have not experienced Jesus in a way that truly glorifies God.

In this trying times, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I believe in you and I trust you. And regardless of the outcome of the ongoing investigations, I’m standing with you and this church (spiritual) family.

Finally, thank you for your faith and obedience to God’s call upon your life that has resulted with many lives (including my wife’s and mine) being drawn closer to God!

In His love,

Andrew Ong

Meet my friend, Thomas Chua

Meet Thomas Chua or also known as Chee Siong.

He’s a friend of mine whom I had got acquainted through the Handicap Welfare Association (HWA) some six years ago.

If you do not know him, it’s time you did.

His freak fall

Growing up, Thomas led a normal life just like any of us. However, things took a drastic turn when he was 18 years old.

In a freak incident, he somehow fell out of a window from the second floor of his friend’s place while drunk. He was alone in the room then.

That fall has since left him paralysed from his neck down and totally incapable of taking care of his basic daily needs. He relies fully on his personal caregiver for anything and everything.

His life after the fall

Now after the fall, Thomas has a mission. That mission is to achieve financial independence.

His mission is both important and commendable as his ageing parents will need to retire and his younger siblings will eventually need to have their own families.

And I intend to help him to succeed in his mission. He needs the help in order that he can help himself.

How will this be done? Can you play a part?

Stay tuned to find out.