The greater glory found in Grace


Contrary to mainstream’s fear or belief of licentious grace, GRACE does not demand any lesser than the law. In fact, grace DEMANDS and EXPECTS more.

Jesus always pointed out that the law focuses on our performance and OUTWARD behavior manipulation, but grace focuses on our heart and INWARD transformation that manifests outwardly.

The law places demands on you and I, we are thus ENSLAVED by guilt, fear, shame and condemnation because of our weaknesses. But grace places that heavy demand on CHRIST, and not on you and I… Halleujah!

For we can NEVER meet the glorious standard of God that the law demands.

But by grace, CHRIST on our behalf fulfills that demand which took HIS LIFE and consequently, sets us FREE. That is a COSTLY demand that allows us through our faith in His Son, to become the righteousness of God!


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