Putting off the OLD and putting on the NEW


What do you want to see different this year? Do you want to see change in your life? Perhaps you could do yourself some good by first examining your MINDSET.

Don’t be surprised if you discover limits that you might (unknowingly or knowingly) have placed on yourself (and God) with your OLD thinking.

Old thinking says, “This is how I am and how I have been doing things in the past” or “This is how I’ve been taught to do so all this time”. These kind of thoughts limit the potential of NEW things happening in your life.

This year, decide to change your thinking by the renewing of your mind with His TRUTH and promises for you. When you change your thinking, you change your life!

Reflections for 2013


1. My unforgettable answered prayer

Coming to Vietnam was never a brash decision I had made. It was a decision compelled by God’s love and call on my life since 2006.

Now after slightly more than two years living here, I see His purpose unfolding more clearly. And answered prayer in 2013 would be the covenanted relationships that He has brought in my life of which I’ve grown closely knitted with.

2. My happiest and elating moment

This has got to be the moment when I received a call from my wife that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, that moment was short-lived. After one week, she suffered a pregnancy loss. 😦

3. My greatest trial

The second half of last year would be the most trying period for me, and my wife too. Besides losing our first child, my wife’s physical and emotional health deteriorated.

My work also suffered a beating with the harsh economic conditions with business not raking in as much as it should. I was pressed on almost every side, but by His grace, not crushed.

4. My most impactful decision 

During the trials of the second half of last year, I was entertaining the thought of calling it quits and to pack our bags to return to Singapore. There were just so many aspects that I was considering.

However, I decided to stay on and be faithful, to trust Him and keep doing what I’m doing. And to press on. I believe that decision is paying off. Because it impacts those around us as well.

5. My lessons learnt about God

His grace, grace and grace. It’s all about Him. Although I’m no good and unfaithful, He is good and faithful. His grace never fails to amaze me.

6. My lessons learnt about my own-self

That I can be a better husband by loving my wife more intentionally. As a man, there’s still so much I don’t understand about a woman. And I guess I will never will, but I have to demonstrate love and patience. Haha…