Over a couple of lunches with my colleagues, I realised that staff relations wasn’t strong and close-knitted at my workplace. I figured that there was a need for a platform for us staff to interact, share and play. Thus, the birth of SMa STOMP!

I decided to kickstart this initiative for my colleagues so that we could know each other better through our ramblings at work. Cos since we were located on different floor levels and cubicles, this site would ‘flatten’ the ground for us to “gossip”(or update)… hee hee…

But really, thru this I realised this ‘trend’ in me that’s motivated to bring people together and to help them connect with one another.  That was the same basis of the HWA staff newsletter- HWA Connect that I had put together then when I was working at HWA. And now a staff website- SMa STOMP… Yay

I believe this ‘trend’ has been extended from me being part of and in His Church; it is bringing His Church into the marketplace (my workplace). But whether or not this initiative goes well, that is another thing lar… =p

Thank God for showing me ways how I can minister at work by fostering better work relations within SMa. 

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