HWA Flag Day

Last Saturday was the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) Flag Day!

As they were in dire need of manpower, I decided to volunteer and lend a hand. This was my first time doing this! =)

Indeed I was blessed with the time spent in the heartland of Yishun “begging” for loose change from passer-bys near the MRT station. Blessed cos I got to work on the ground and serve the community in some way.

As having worked in the marketplace over time, baby donormy heart can become abit oblivion to the needs of others in Singapore. So this was somewhat a great exercise for my heart.

It was also quite heartening to observe that generally, Singaporeans are a giving bunch. Approximately 60% of whom I had approached gave cheerfully.

Of cos, there would be the ocassionally act-blur types that would just whizzed by me as though I didn’t exist even when I was clearly in front of them. Haiz…

But one passer-by stood out from the rest. While I was doing my pitch and asking this elderly guy, “Sir, you want to donate and support the physical disabled?” (in Mandarin)

He didn’t reply but gave me a face by squinting his eyes and pluckering his lips each time I asked.

I don’t think my Mandarin that bad rite?! Ha ha ha….