An interesting incident…

An interesting incident happened last evening while I was travelling on the MRT.

The cabin that I was in was relatively empty and about 3-4 metres away I spotted this young fella (probably in his early 20s) who’s behaviour was a little unusual. 

As he was standing with his ears plugged into his music, I noticed that he was attempting to snap a shot with his camera phone.

At a closer look, I realised that he was zooming his shot on a female passenger who was seated and asleep. This passenger was about 4-5 seats distance away from him. And amazingly the image on his screen was that sharp and clear that I could see what he was aiming at from where I was standing.

I was not exactly sure of his intentions for taking her picture, but all I knew then was that a wrong act in which might have undesirable intent on the girl (voyuerism) was being committed before me.

Without hesitation I calmly walked over to that fella and tapped his shoulder…

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing… just see see pictures only” He replied

“Don’t try to be funny k… You better be careful”

With that I walked back to where I was standing. That fella kept his phone and alighted a couple of stations later.

Wow… can’t believe I actually did that sia?! 

But reflecting on this, it had to be the Spirit of God who compelled me to approach him cos in reality, who am I to be some sort of “moral police” and reproached a fellow sinner?

Only by His grace and released by His truth do we have such authority.