My “Honey Stars” story

Whenever I see or eat “Honey Stars” which is a type of cereal by Nestle, I am reminded of God’s love for me. And it was during the first breakfast in Melaka camp that I ate my “Honey Stars”.

Let me share the story…

In 2002, I attended a Thai camp- “Faith Church” at Bangkok. One of the nights I was hungry and went snooping around in a 24hr shop looking for something to eat. However, I didn’t have much Baht with me and if I recalled correctly, that was all I had left for the remaining trip.

Finally after much snooping, I calculated that I had enough to buy a pack of Nestle Honey Stars and a packet of milk. But just when I was deciding to buy, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to use whatever Baht I had left to buy small gifts for my CG back then.

After much deliberation, that night I slept with an unsatisfied stomach but a joyful spirit.

On the last day, Pastor PN announced that one of the camp sponsors was providing breakfast for the foreign delegates who were leaving Thailand the next morning. I didn’t think much of it.

The next morning as I dragged my sleepy feet to collect my breakfast, guess what was breakfast?

That’s right! Breakfast was a pack of Honey Stars and a packet of milk!

It was exactly what I had initially wanted to buy. But now God somehow bless me with it! 

When I think of it, I know it was no coincidence. I mean what were the chances of such a coincidence?!

There were so many range of food that could have been sponsored but we were served with Nestle cereal in Thailand. Plus it came with a packet of milk! Just exactly as I had desired. 

Becos no one else knew about it, only God knew.I can only conclude that this simple miraculous gesture was God’s way of telling me that He loves me and cares for my every need.