My Mum so cool…

Sometime last month, my mum’s photo was captured and uploaded on STOMP- Singapore Seen by a driver. 

Her photo drew some comments that got my mum hopping mad! Visit the page here>>>

Actually there are two collies on her bike, not one. Ho ho…

My Mum so cool rite??? =P

A Pleasant Surprise

Received a pleasant surprise!

Though last week I knew of my confirmation as a full-time staff during my appraisal, but it was upon receiving the letter of my confirmation that I learnt I was given a slight adjustment to my salary. Yeah! =P

I really didn’t expect that, but since it was given, I gladly receive lar… Ha ha…

Thank you God!

In retrospect, He had used my previous 2 years at HWA and 6 months at Asiagem to prepare me adequately for the demands and expectations thrown at me here at SMa.

My 6-month journey with SMa has been nothing short but remarkable as I have seen and experienced God’s leading and blessing throughout (and still am). It is a job where I can truly say it is “connected to the dots” of God’s plans for my life!

But in spite of my job satisfaction with SMa, I am eagerly awaiting for the my next dot to connect =)

God, here I am, mould me and use me!

My HopeKids Blooper

Last Sunday during HopeKids Live while acting in a skit, I made a horrendous blooper!

Instead of saying “Game Boy” the Nintendo hand-held game set, out of my mouth came “Play Boy” (!!!!??!!!)

And some of the kids went, “Oooorrrhhhh…”

Ha! But I think they thought the mistake I made was referring “Play Boy” as a person and not the brand/product since they too young to know. (I think, I hope!)

*gulps* =P

Picture kindly contributed by TIGER 

My Doodling:

Wah Sey… over the weekend not-so-good publicity pertaining SMa was leaked out in TODAY Weekend here>>> Haiz… what a PR crisis sia…

On a seperate note, someone asked if I thought Singapore was a City of Possibilities. My reply: “Dun think city, think global; It is a World of Possibilities!”

Globalisation: The Early Pioneers

Jul 26th 2007
From The Economist print edition

Marco Polo, shown here arriving from India at Hormuz on the Persian Gulf, was a forerunner to today’s global traders.

Mr Chanda organises his argument around what he takes to be the four groups that have done most to bring about this interconnectedness: traders, preachers, adventurers and warriors. Though the motives of these groups—to profit, convert, learn or conquer—have usually been selfish, the overall effect of their actions has been to draw us all closer together.

Read the rest of the article here>>>

There’s No Place I Rather Be?

Here’s a funny spoof of this year’s National Day song- “There’s No Place I Rather Be” originally sung by our local songbird, Kit Chan.

This version was sung by our local DJs from YES 93.3fm.

After PM Lee’s NDP Rally Speech towards a “City of Possibilities”, I think more Singaporeans will be singing- “This is No Place I Wanna Be” to this tune in their hearts. Ha ha ha…

Falling Deeper in Love with God

Lately much things have taken some toll on me mainly in regards to ministry- leading and serving others around me.

And my God never fails to strengthen me with His gentle but powerful words like Jeremiah 12:5.

He has once again, lifted my eyes beyond the present situation and to help me see how this part fits in His bigger plans for me in His will.

Now at least can take what I have with a lighter heart and abit more joy since it is just His part of preparing me for what is ahead in time to come.

Thank you God for being with me =)

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him,” 2 Chronicles 16:9

My prayer:

God help me not to stop falling in love with you. I want to fall deeper in love with you with each new day. Consume me with your love and experience your love anew. Amen.