City of Possibilities?

As expected, positive and upbeat news on Premier Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech on Sunday were splashed all over the papers the next day.

And my personal verdict: Life (depending on your definition) does not look to good ahead for Singaporeans.

In my opinion, he has yet again raise the bar with his vision of Singapore being a “City of Possibilities.”

Not that I am against our nation from progressing econmoically, but this comes at a time where Singaporeans are already playing the ‘catching-up game’ in order to get by with the ever-increasing cost of living. This vision easily translates to us, Singaporeans having to study, work and serve even harder then before.

Notwithstanding that this is further compounded with many having to defer retirement plans and continue contributing to “nation building” plans till 67.

So the initiatives and incentives seems to be contrary of solving the widening income gap and our greying population if you ask me.

Is building this city of possibilities possible?

Singapore boleh (can in Malay) 

Frankly, not only do I believe it is possible, but I know it will happened one way or another as it has been the case over these passed 42 years since we, Singaporeans are a bo bian and bo chap ‘can-do’ and ‘never-say-die’ bunch (=p).

However, as some would reply to their bosses when receiving instructions, “You talk very easy, but work who do?” (Ho ho…)

2 thoughts on “City of Possibilities?

  1. Bro

    At least you not that stupid ya ….i have apply for exit permit & HAVE been approve , will be leaving on the 1 sept . You take care & keep in touch , always spend some time thinking about what i share with you . Send my regard to your gal .

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