God-sent ‘Angels’

Last night there was an unexpected knocked on my door. I was expecting to be greeted by a salesman, but was surprised by the sight of two female strangers.

As I hid behind my door in my under-dressed state, I asked, “Can I help you?”

One of the girls replied, “Can we pray for you for any blessings?”

Taken slightly aback, I was able to identify them as members of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) when I saw the “100K”  mini-brochure she was holding as I recalled reading in Ming Chun’s blog his 100K adventures. 


Greedily Readily I answered, “Ya why not…” and I proceeded to tick the blessings which I needed that were indicated on that mini-brochure:

  • Health
  • Protection
  • Family Harmony
  • Financial Freedom
  • Progress in Career
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • Wisdom and Intelligence
  • Direction for the Future
  • Fullness of the Holy Spirit

After this whole 100K thingy was over, other than being encouraged of the good work that this church was doing, I didn’t think much about it.

It was not till I was to turn in for the night that I realised that the 100K blessing was a miracle from God. Cos out of all the days, it had to be on MY BIRTHDAY that these two sisters came, and moreover I was AT HOME at that time!

Wah… Thank God for those two ‘angels’ who He sent to bless me and remind me of His love for me =)