Where is the love?

I hopped on a cab to church yesterday from Clementi. And as usual, I gave the cab driver my destination and directions.

“Uncle, Orchard Road. Please go by AYE and exit out of Clemenceu Road”

With that, I sat back and did what I enjoyed best- “stoning”.

Not long after, I realised that the cab driver made a wrong exit. Instead of Clemenceu Road, he actually exited prematurely from the AYE and entered Clementi Road again?!

Upset I questioned him and pointed out to him with much irritation what I had originally instructed. But apparently he mistakenly heard me saying Clementi and not Clememceu. Duhz….

Eventually, we had to take another route to Orchard.

Where was the love of Christ in me?

But just as I was quick to react, the Holy Spirit gave me a jab in my heart; seemingly disapproving my attitude. 

Oops… I was impatient and oblivious to the feelings of the cab driver who could easily be tired from having to wake up early to work 24/7 and at his age ( maybe over 50 years old), life was already stressful enough with increased 2% GST, later withdrawl of CPF funds and the recent stock market volatility. (=P)

As I recollected that God is for the people; with a contrite heart I sought His forgiveness and I repented of my ill-spirit.  

I need more of His love.