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Please feel free to reach/add me at the following addresses…

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My professional profile and resume. LinkedIn: 

My social profile and updates. Facebook

To reach me. Email: andrewong2024[at]

4 thoughts on “Contact Him

  1. Hi Andrew, I noticed you visited my blog ChristianBlessings. Welcome and hope you will continue to drop by. Please comment if you would like to. I find Singaporeans are too quiet. Don’t know if that is your observation too.

    Evelyn Goh

  2. Hey Andrew, Robert here . (The 1 that you brought to church to mess up my life!). Hope u still remember me. That time, I chanced upon u in the streets but did not have time to catch up with u. How have u been? Saw this and feel happy for you that U r in Vietnam now. Keep in Contact, and I will try my best to update myself things about u. Be a role model for me, k?

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