Lessons from COVID-19: Being vigilant against falsehoods

An observation from this covid-19 situation is the pervasive flood of fake news that has confused ppl, caused fear and panic, and also to divide ppl.

Discerning the truth becomes so critical during this crisis because it has led many to do things or to behave unnecessarily, immorally or even ungodly. We really get to see and experienced the affects first-hand during this time.

At the same time, we also see how we have become more guarded and discerning in detecting fake news. How? We verify by looking to the official source, government or mainstream media etc… hey, we even check by verifying with others. This is great!

Likewise, we are living in the last’s days. The days of crisis. And Jesus had already forewarned us. And that’s why now we can understand why there are so many false and erroneous teachings today. They are meant to do the same with what the fake news attempts – to cause fear, panic and divide which results in wrong belief and wrong living so we get deceived.

Whatever we have applied in detecting fake news and being discerning during this period, let us also apply this to our spiritual lives. Go to the direct source – The word of God. Can also check with one another. Be open to discourse.

For this reason, we should not make any apology for standing and speaking for the truth (and also for calling out a lie or falsehood when required). When there is truth, and the truth is established, there is unity within the body.