The Bible: The Living Legacy

Last Sunday, I visited the “Dead Sea Scrolls & the Ancient World” exhibition at The Arts House.

It was a good platform to gain a condensed overview of the bible’s history spanning over 5,000 years which included four fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest—known Hebrew manuscripts of the bible.

The Bible- God’s word

Growing up as Christian, I was taught that the bible was the word of God and the authority to which man should abide as their life and moral compass.

However, these claims remain both controversial and debatable. I guess this lies on the reason that the bible though inspired by God, was written through man.

But for me, I believe and I’m equally convicted of the bible’s claims as I have experienced how it has provided me much needed knowledge and insights to shape and transform my life for the better.

Personally, I think the bible is a living legacy that has been left for us to discover His promises and to understand His will towards a successful and powerful life.

The Bible- Eternal word

I found the exhibition rather helpful in appreciating the rich history that has went into the bible that we presently know and have today.

Indeed, the bible has endured the tests of time and prosecution (and will continue to).

In the past, only few elites had the privilege to read the bible. It was not not easily accessible to the common people for various practical and political reasons.

Things only change because of the many unseen and untold sacrifices (to the extend of death) of those that have gone before us. And today, all of us are able to freely read and learn the word of God.

But the irony of today’s reality is that majority of us neglect the reading and studying of the bible.

I mean if there are so many people who were willing and actually sacrificed their lives in order for us to read it, then there must be something in this book that is so important for us to know. No?

The bible, dead or alive? That’s left for each one of us to discover and decide.

2 thoughts on “The Bible: The Living Legacy

  1. The Word of God is definitely alive. People just need to realize that to be whole, to be happy, they need God. And reading his word is one way of knowing him.

    Thanks Andrew for another insightful post 🙂

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