About Andrew

Before Andrew was baptised, his name was Kelvin. Now in his mid 30’s, he is happily married to a godly wife whom he met in 2008.

Though born again in 1997, he started his committed walk with Christ as a disciple in 2000. Back then, he worshiped in Hope Singapore Church where he discovered his mission to testify of His grace as a ‘tentmaker’ in Vietnam.

In 2007, he received a revelation from God that took his walk of faith to another level. It was the vision of the Church in the 21st century engaging and influencing the marketplace; taking the kingdom of God into the heart of the city. Consequently, that vision led him to City Harvest Church in Singapore.

At CHC, Andrew actualized his mission when he received a job offer that required him to be based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2011, he and his wife relocated and resided in Vietnam for four years.

Interestingly, it was in Vietnam that the Holy Spirit brought them through a process of unlearning, relearning and learning of the Church, the Kingdom of God and the heart of the Father. That journey deepened his relationship with the Holy Spirit and resulted in him and his wife being used them as ‘seeds’ to plant the gospel.

Now sent back to Singapore, Andrew believes he and his wife have return in a defining time of Singapore’s history towards fulfilling her destiny as the Antioch of Asia. And in a time as such Singapore needs to be reclaimed as the ‘beachhead’ for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached here and to the region.

Today, Andrew and his wife are now replicating this process of being ‘seeds’ to be planted in Singapore in building a community of kingdom seekers. It is his vision to see the kingdom of God (with Christ as King) being re-established in Singapore, Vietnam and Asia.


11 thoughts on “About Andrew

  1. Hi.
    I really enjoyed reading articles posted on your blog. I am a South Korean and a layworker at my local church named Dure Church located at Gangnam area (the CBD area of the City of Seoul.)

    I once visited CHC at the beginning of last year and freshly impressed by its scale and impact on Christian community and the city as whole. It was compelling revelation towards what and how God wants us to do in this time of age.

    I am working in government district office as replacement for my military duty and almost finishing my college work. (majoring Englisn & Polici) I am interested in political risk management and knowledge democratization and work on various subjects like finance, oraganization, strategy and so on and so forht.

    God bless you! What you are doing is great!

  2. KIM:

    Hey nice having you here! I visited your blog but sadly I don’t understand Korean =P

    Please drop me an email if you are visiting Singapore again. Would be a privilege to host you or show you around.


  3. Hi Andrew,

    I’m glad that you have used blog to spread the word of God and share testimonies of how a life is transformed with God as the centre of control.
    I truly believe with all my heart that it is time for all beleivers to start winning souls for Him before the time comes.

    God Bless you:)

  4. I dun know you are a writer till i read this section. Wow, your english is so good although you are a dropout! How do you manage to better your english?

  5. what an interestng blog…after I typed in “I hate Pastor Andrew Ong” on google!

    You certainly sound alot more interesting and wiser than the Pastor I, up to this day, has little regard for….

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