Miracles Do Happen When You Believe

Two months ago, I met Fabien.

At that point of his life, he was at the brink of depression and was suicidal.

He had already attempted suicide four times and was eventually warded at Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Facing pressing problems

Fabien is divorced with two kids- 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Both of them are under his ex-wife’s custody.

Being unemployed for two years, he has never been able to keep up with the alimony payments.

If you think that is bad, it could only get worse.

His dad had also passed away last year and left a huge pile of bills from the housing unit for him to shoulder alone. He’s the elders and both of his siblings are currently serving their jail terms.

Understandably, he was hard pressed and cornered by his circumstances.

But that was two months ago before He decided to hand over his life with its problems to God.

The miracles that happened

Now and most recently, he is gainfully employed. It was an answered prayer that saw his specific request of the salary package and working schedule met.

Prior to this employment, he had experienced several miraculous incidents within two months. But I will just recount two of them on his behalf.

The first was when the PUB decided to terminate his water supply after failing to make due payment. On that same day, his neighbour whom he barely knew and who had just moved into the neighbourhood two months ago, approached Fabien.

His neighbour had kindly offered to pay the entire utilities bill. That amount was about $500 and was paid in full without conditions.

That day, his water supply was re-connected on the same day it was terminated.

The second miracle happened two weeks after that.

He received a letter from the North West Community Development Centre (CDC) that included a cheque of $250 as part of a financial assistance scheme to help him through this period.

In the letter, it stated that he would be receiving this amount for three months. On top of the that, CDC would also be subsidising a substantial amount for his housing bills such as utilities and maintenance.

The miracle was that Fabien did not apply for any financial assistance scheme and the cheque appeared at a time when he most needed it.

More miracles ahead

Fabien now carries a totally different countenance; one that is hopeful.

Last Saturday, he witnessed yet another miracle when his ex-wife whom he invited to a church service with him, responded in becoming a Christian.

I truly believe that there are more good stuff that is heading Fabien’s way now that he has decided to follow God. Because He is a God that truly loves us and has the best plans for us.

Not sure about you, but I believe in miracles and the God that performs them.

If you’re presently in a trying situation especially with the recession, I hope Fabien’s miracle story will encourage you. Because your situation could be an opportunity for your miracle to show up.

The question is, Would you believe and trust God enough to hand it (your situation) over to Him? “

7 thoughts on “Miracles Do Happen When You Believe

  1. Praise God for his faithfulness that we can trust in Him

    nw cdc? sound familiar. seem like my job has more meaning now. haha.

  2. Same as above comments of mine that i just posted. I wld like to comment on this post – I’m truly happy for him. I’ve seen several hopeless cases.

  3. Anonymous:

    Sorry that I had to disapprove some of your later comments.

    Cos I thought it inappropriate by making use of this space to direct your unhappiness with someone else here.

    Hope you understand.


  4. Wow… Praise the good LORD! PRaise Him for He is good!
    I’m very touched to read the testimony..Thanks for sharing. Hope more could read it and be encouraged and know that God is real.

  5. I’m very encouraged by this testimony but concerned for this guy. He may feel angry if he knows all his past dirt is out for everyone to see. Did you get his permission to share about his private stuff in public? Cheers,

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