Gay Marriage—How Should Christians Respond?

This is an interesting article with a good thread of comments that might be helpful in providing some Christian perspective  towards dealing with matters of homosexuality. Below is an extract.

“Rising generations need to articulate a stance that protects the nature of marriage in a way that is both logical and loving,” says Jonathan Merritt, a faith and culture writer who serves as national spokesperson for the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative.

“We must move away from the us-versus-them, culture war mentality that treats our gay and lesbian neighbors only as our political enemies, and begin embracing them as people of mutual goodwill who happen to see things very differently than we do.”

Eric Bryant, author of the book Peppermint-Filled Piñatas, echoes Merritt’s call to love our gay neighbors. “Christians are known for who we hate rather than how we love,” he writes in his blog.

“This moves us out of the conversation and polarizes those involved so quickly, no progress can be made,” Bryant says that it’s crucial for Christians to love people we disagree with, and to discuss the gay marriage issue with civility.

“We cannot influence others we have pushed away,” he writes. “This includes those who are struggling to figure out what to do with their sexual desires while growing up.”

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