Resolutions 2007

I can’t really recall my resolutions for 2006 but I would think (giving the benefit of a doubt) that I have more or less fulfilled most of them if not all =p

Hmmm… let me see… Resolution 2006:

  1. Save money $$$ – Passed (technically only)
  2. Give allowance to parents- Failed (beginning of the year only)
  3. Jog regularly- Failed (only really regular for the last quarter) 
  4. Gain more body mass- Passed (but the mass ended up mostly at my tummy)
  5. Complete Degree- Passed
  6. Serve as His CL- Passed
  7. Spend more time with my family- Passed

Total score: 5/7

Not bad… at least got more passes… Ha ha…

For 2007, here are my main NEW Resolutions:

  1. Run Standard Chartered 10km
  2. Take up Hope Seminary courses
  3. Be a better leader
  4. Raise up a CL
  5. Finding my ‘fit’ in my career
  6. Brush up my Mandarin
  7. See one of my GLK brothers in our fellowship


* Picture taken on 5/1/2007 at Vivo City

Here’s a toast from us (NG5A1) towards a blessed 2007!!!

9 thoughts on “Resolutions 2007

  1. wah, so fast ah!!??? who is it, who is it?? how did it happen so fast? share leh, share leh…. so that more of us who are singles can be encouraged 😦 …… 🙂

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