Pushing My Limits

Finished RunFulfilled one of my resolutions for 2007 in participating in this year’s Standard Chartered Run on 2 December!

Yeah!!! Cos I hate running and just had to push my limits.

Woke up late that morning and was about to give up, but these words sprung me out from my bed- All Things Are Possible (with Him)!

Completed my 10km run and walk in 1 hour 34 minutes. CMI…

Oh… Did I mention that my legs are still aching from my walk run??? =P 

Next year, my aim is to complete the same run within an hour. And this time, I will surely be training to get prepared for it.

My life-time goal: To run a full marathon at least once.

16 thoughts on “Pushing My Limits

  1. Well done (lah)!

    At least you did it bro. 🙂

    Well, the timing isn’t great but the spirit of perseverance is there. Next year, let’s go together leh. ;p


  2. mf: You want to kill me huh??!

    2008- 10km
    2009- 21km
    2010- 42km

    This would be a do-able target =P

    james: Anytime man… since we now live relatively close, we can plan a weekly jog if you’re serious about it.

    The ball is in your court. Ha ha

  3. Wah… start so late?!

    Actually I was also late. When it was the guys turn too run, I had a stomache so had to release. Ha ha..

    In the end, I started the run with the girls =P

    Btw well done on your timing!

  4. Walk then walk, write “walk” already then cancel; by the way nobody will laugh at you….ha ha ha.
    Want to complete within 1 hour, you can
    1) take a taxi on the middle on the race, when you reach 10% of the finishing line then drop down and pretend running again.
    2) adjust your watch to going slowly, so you can self-deceive yourself.
    3) take a skateboard or a bicycle, so you look outstanding that the news will filmed you.
    4) all of the above
    Just for a laugh! Please don’t take it seriously

  5. For your life time goal to complete a 42km, let’s do it together next year.

    Gather the bros in our sub-d to run and start training early. At least train regularly every week. Also can help some of the overweight bros to slim down. One stone kill 2 birds …. 🙂

    Haha. Let’s finish the run beautifully 🙂

  6. Caesar: No worries dude… I never take you very seriously at most times also. Ha ha ha…

    paul2mango: You want to murder me izit??? I rather conquer hills first before the mountain.

    I’ll stick with my projected goals- 2010 ok =P

  7. Heyo,

    Trust me on this. Just whack the 42km straight. I just run/jog/walk finish it with Shirley this year. Before that, the longest distance I did was 4.8km. No amount of training can prepare you for it, we tried training, also not much use. It is all in the mentality. (Me and Shirley were saying that there were many people that are fitter then us, yet took a shorter distance because they are less insane then us.) Plus, you get THAT shirt….

    Anyway, what is the worst thing that can happen? Just walk when you are tired. In the words of Nike… Just Do It! Haha.

    Tip: Make sure you find enjoyable company to run the marathon with. It’s 6-8hrs long!

    “The highest mountain is not Everest, but that which lingers in our mind.”

  8. James: Inline skating is more visible. Haha

    Rags: You should do it next year with Mag. It will make a nice date as can walk along Marina and CBD area, no need to run. Ho ho…

    Zachary: Hmmm… Its okay… I want to enjoy the “building up” process rather then plunge into it. And also, I’m not that insane yet. Ha ha…

  9. Yea, for full marathon, best is if you have a suitable training plan and glucosamine! On the actual day, you’d have to pace yourself, dun gancheong like the rest run fast fast at first, then later bonchek… Unless you are like the blacks…Boy, they’ve just got a very different set (or kind) of lungs :p Ultimately, after a certain distance, it’s mind over body liaoz…

    Actually, marathons are not good for joints. Depends on your motivation for the run then decide when lor. 2010 you’d be how old liao ah? Wahahaha ;p

    Have done mine last year… It was insane!

  10. For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of
    that which is to come. 1Tim4

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