Thankful for my wife

IMG-20150511-WA0002Since late last year, God revealed to me that my season in Viet Nam would be coming to an end. And that the next chapter is to return to Singapore. Hence, I had made plans to return to Singapore next year.

However, God had other plans. He orchestrated a job opportunity for me that will allow me to return to Singapore much earlier as I would have anticipated. In addition, the new company was willing to wait out my 3-month resignation notice!

Thus, next month I would be returning to Singapore to start my new job.

This new development also prompted my wife to look for her job in Singapore. And recently she received an offer to a job that would further her career as a professional counsellor. She begins her new job in a week’s time! Praise God!

Thus far, it has been amazing to see how God is working ALL things for us to return to Singapore with such ease! Too much ease that we cannot deny we are in the will of God. So that is assuring that we know we walking with Him. And that’s all that truly matters to me- that we are following Jesus!

I’m also thankful to God for my wife.

Without her love and support, I would not be in Viet Nam for the last 4 years. My wife demonstrated her love for me when she resigned from her dream job which she was then a school counsellor. And she did that so that I could pursue the vision and purpose of God for my life!

I must admit I have often took her for granted and her sacrifice. That’s why I’m so delighted that she now has this new job where she can continue to pursue her vision and purpose of God in her life from where she had left off.

In our next season, I believe it is now my turn to rally behind her and to see to it that my wife becomes all that she is destined to be and achieved in Christ!


Being a ‘Joseph’ at work

Since joining my current organisation, the biblical character of Joseph in the book of Genesis has been my daily inspiration.

His journey towards fulfilling his destiny is one that demands respect and rouses one to follow his example.

Key attributes of Joseph

In many aspects, I find Joseph a great exemplary of a marketplace leader that all of us can emulate in this 21st century.

He embodies the key attributes necessary in setting us up for success. These attributes are: (1) character, (2) competence and (3) charisma.


Even with the lack of supervision from Potiphar (his boss), Joseph displayed integrity by being faithful in his work.

He was also trustworthy with what he was entrusted with as he didn’t covet what wasn’t rightfully his (c.f. Genesis 39:7-8).


It should be the case that things in Potiphar’s household would usually turned out in disarray or went missing when the other slaves were entrusted.

But with Joseph in charge, everything was in order and prospering (c.f. Genesis 39:4-5).

Obviously, Joseph was a problem-solver and not a problem-creator.


Joseph’s charismatic flair was not about his personality or mannerism, but it was his ability in using his personal being to interface.

It seemed that he had an innate magnetism that caught the attention and favour of Potiphar. And that was the presence of God in his life (c.f. Genesis 39:2-3).

Ultimately, it was God who brought success to Joseph.

My Prayer in being a ‘Joseph’

I believe this recurring impression of emulating Joseph- his perseverance, credibility and success- is His word for the season for me in this organisation.

Taking my cue from Joseph, I want to carry and exude the presence of God in my life at work.

I pray that I may be favoured as a reliable and trustworthy manager and that everything which is entrusted to me will prosper for His glory.


Updates on My New Job

Today marks the first month for me being in my new job.

My transition into this new organisation has been somewhat smooth with nice colleagues and an awesome office environment to boot.

This new job is a blessing. It was an unexpected ‘door’ opened as I was headhunted by my current employer.

Initially, I wasn’t interested in the job that was offered as I had just settled into my newly appointed marketing position then.

But after much prayer and deliberation, I saw it as His move and went ahead.

God is good. Taking that step of faith has led me to a promotion which also came with a generous increment.

But of cos, these are just some of the perks. More importantly, this has brought me another step closer to His plans for me.

Personally, this was clearly a miracle that had God’s finger prints all over.

This was His acceleration at work. And without His grace and favour, this would not have been possible.

My Miracle Breakthrough

I have another testimony to share about a miracle breakthrough in regards to my career.

If you recall, last year I shared briefly about some of my ramblings at work.

Since then, I was praying that this year would be the year that God would give me a breakthrough in my career to take me to the next level of growth.

After five months, He made it happened. And it was nothing short of a miracle.

The breakthrough

Without boring you with the full details, my direct boss who moved to join a private education organisation (PEO) unexpectedly offered me a job position to join him.

The role that I was offered was marketing and communications in nature and required me to oversee and execute the advertising and promotion of the PEO’s offerings.

Needlessly to say, I recognised it as God’s timely answer to my prayer and gratefully accepted the offer.

I am now in my second week with my new job.

The journey through

This miracle breakthrough brings back memories of my relentless search for my initial desired job upon my graduation some years ago.

Yes you guessed correctly, it was marketing communications. However, all my attempts led to closed doors then.

Now after a long and tedious journey of equipping, the door has finally opened. And it opened in such fashion that it gives full credit to God.

He has done it again; making things happen in my life in spite of the odds that are stacked against me.

Thank you God.

Memoirs of a Marketplace Minister

Some time ago I had been praying for God to use me more at my workplace as His minister.

An answered opportunity

An opportunity presented itself when one of colleagues wasn’t feeling too well. I knew this was an answered prayer.

I plucked up my courage, and offered to pray for healing for her. To my relief and joy, she agreed!

I prayed for her and we committed her recovery to the Lord’s Hands.

Looking out for others

My desire is not just to do well at work , but also to be a friend to my colleagues.

In regards to that experience, I believe she was healed as she was able to carry on her work for the rest of the day. Glory to God!

I am also thankful that I could exercised my faith and love in being “a church without walls”.

Like Jesus, I pray that I will become more caring and sensitive to the needs of others around; finding a need to meet it, and to finding a hurt to heal it.

My Experience with Prayer that Works

Last week, I participated in a week long of corporate prayer.

This was an hour session either in the morning (from 6:30am to 7:30am) or in the evening (from 6pm to 7pm).

And of cos, I went for the evening sessions. Ha ha…

Prayer works

I must admit that embarking on this corporate prayer meet was a very energised experience. I could almost instantaneously feel the difference as I immersed myself more into prayer.

The more obvious changes were at work where I noticed how I found favour with my work. My relationships with my colleagues also improved.

I believe the change started with me as I drew nearer to God through prayer that renewed my heart and spirit.

Prayer at work

One remarkable incident that happened during one of the mornings when I was on my way to work.

As I was approaching my office, I prayed to God that He might used me at work to touch lives with His love. I did not know how He would do it, but I told Him I was willing to be used.

Less than a minute later, I saw one of my colleagues who was waiting for the elevator waving cheerily at me.

I didn’t expect that from her as she is usually in a dull mood. And though we were on friendly terms, but we were not on that level of friendliness.

But what surprised me was what she asked after we exchanged greetings.

“You go to church right?”

“The next time, can I go with you?”

Wow… really didn’t expect God to answer almost immediately! Amazing!

Now my next prayer is for her to experience the presence and love of God with the congregation. Amen!

Crossing the Two-Year Mark

This week, I’ve crossed the two-year mark in being with  my present organisation.

Though two years doesn’t seem long, but it does feel very long.

Since my first day, I have been through many turbulent phases with the organisation.

Presently, I am relieved and thankful that we have turned the corner and are climbing to prominence.

The turn around truly taught me what a difference a committed and competent leader can do for an organisation. And the reverse being also true with an undedicated and incompetent leader.

Connecting the dots

It has been a very fruitful two years. God has used this particular environment to stretch my vision from a “B2C” to a “B2B” mindset.

Being thickly involved and in tune with the business community has also enriched my perspective in what God is doing in the marketplace and enhanced my business acumen (c.f. Matthew 10:16)

From the social service sector, then to an e-commerce set up and now in this business federation, each working environment has provided me with unqiue experiences, aquired knowledge and honed my skills.

Upon analysing, I do see a pattern or the dots that are connecting each one of these phases of my work life towards my vision.

Being where God wants me to be

Though from a worldly standpoint, I can honestly admit that my resume or portfolio may not be classed with the “elites” in Singapore, but I know I am where God wants me to be and that’s my definition of success.

I think being given a vision beyond what I can see has helped me see my life in His perspective in the light of His plans for me. And knowing God gives me the confidence to face my tomorrows.

At where I am now, I am more excited than I ever was about the future ahead with Him, even in this downturn.

Moving forward, my prayer would be for me to learn patience and stillness in waiting upon God even more; that I may be faithful in all I do and also rely fully on Him. Amen.