Crossing the Two-Year Mark

This week, I’ve crossed the two-year mark in being with  my present organisation.

Though two years doesn’t seem long, but it does feel very long.

Since my first day, I have been through many turbulent phases with the organisation.

Presently, I am relieved and thankful that we have turned the corner and are climbing to prominence.

The turn around truly taught me what a difference a committed and competent leader can do for an organisation. And the reverse being also true with an undedicated and incompetent leader.

Connecting the dots

It has been a very fruitful two years. God has used this particular environment to stretch my vision from a “B2C” to a “B2B” mindset.

Being thickly involved and in tune with the business community has also enriched my perspective in what God is doing in the marketplace and enhanced my business acumen (c.f. Matthew 10:16)

From the social service sector, then to an e-commerce set up and now in this business federation, each working environment has provided me with unqiue experiences, aquired knowledge and honed my skills.

Upon analysing, I do see a pattern or the dots that are connecting each one of these phases of my work life towards my vision.

Being where God wants me to be

Though from a worldly standpoint, I can honestly admit that my resume or portfolio may not be classed with the “elites” in Singapore, but I know I am where God wants me to be and that’s my definition of success.

I think being given a vision beyond what I can see has helped me see my life in His perspective in the light of His plans for me. And knowing God gives me the confidence to face my tomorrows.

At where I am now, I am more excited than I ever was about the future ahead with Him, even in this downturn.

Moving forward, my prayer would be for me to learn patience and stillness in waiting upon God even more; that I may be faithful in all I do and also rely fully on Him. Amen.   

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