The Environmental Factor on Your Vision

The kind of environment that you place yourself in can limit your vision.

Using myself as an example when I grew up with a gang during my teens. My vision was to own a club or a pub.

Some of my other peers in the gang aspired to be loan sharks, drug pushers, bouncers or managers for a disco or pub.

Obviously, our vision was much influenced and limited by our environment.

Not surprisingly, most of us did not pursue or further our studies as our aspirations didn’t require any high academic qualifications.

This taught me that no one can grow beyond his vision. In other words, the greatness of your vision will determine the greatness of who you can be or what you can achieve.

More about the environment factor

Another influencing factor about our environment is that it largely determines how successful we can be with our vision. Not finding an environment that supports us can cause us to fail.

Tiger Woods’ genius came out from golf courses. If he was a jockey, he would not have been successful. Likewise, Mick Jagger who initially studied to be an accountant, found his genius on stage as a Rolling Stone.

For me, after I became a Christ-follower, I entered a new environment with a church community. That developed me spiritually and practically. God used the right environment to change and define my vision and mission in life.

Choosing your environment

Similarly, as employees, we are probably working in an environment designed for those who work not to lose- people who want job security and a steady pay check. This can be described as a poor environment.

Many people who want to become rich fail to become rich simply because they are rich people in a poor environment. Employers who create such environments attract and keep good employees- employees who are happy working not to lose. And one such  obvious environment is the government service.

Like how a tree will grow strong and big with  the right environment that provides a healthy dosage of sunshine, water and fertile ground to take root. The same is true with us as people.

Choosing the right environment (led by God) to be rooted will not only shape your vision, but will largely determine your success in achieving it.