My God Sees Me Up

I believe many can identify with me when I say that I often question God on “why my life so difficult?”

When I compared myself with my peers, it seemed as their lives were far more rosier or blessed.

Mine seemed to be constantly peppered with obstacles after obstacles. Negative thoughts were not uncommon too.

Why bad things always happen to me only?

Why can’t I have a stable relationship?

How come my family must be in this divorced state?

Why wasn’t I born in a rich family?

When and why can’t I have a stable career and earn more money like others?

But all these negativity have gradually become a thing of the past as I grew to embrace my identity and found my security in Him.

God loves me and believes in me

Recently,  in a light-hearted small-talk session with the Holy Spirit, the same question about “why my life is so difficult?” popped up again.

This time, I got a reply.

“God sees you up.” (Woooowwww…)

In other words, He believes I can make it to where He wants me to be simply with me fully relying on Him.

Any ‘special favours’ apart from God’s favour would have or could robbed God of His glory in my successes.

Yeah… God, let your love and power shine through me! Amen!