God is with us, all the time

Since the start of this week, my two precious nieces contracted some virus that had them running a fever with vomitting and diarrohea.  

Seeing them like this my heart just went aching cos I couldn’t do anything except see and pray. Somehow, they had to go through it on their own and recover from this experience.

Nieces sick

From this I understood a little how God feels when we go thru difficult patches, but just as much as He yearns to intervene, He refrains (out of His great love and wisdom)  even when we blame Him or question His goodness cos He knows that what we’re going thru; that experience though painful, would benefit us much long-term in the end (c.f. Romans 8:28).

And like my brother and his wife who were with my nieces round the clock in spite not being able to do much except assuring them of their presence, it is the same with God. He is with us and never forsakes us especially in our times of need when He seems distant. (c.f. Hebrews 13:5)

His Word is with us and for us; given in the form of the Bible.

Monster Jaime

With our hope in His glory, we will one day see the fullness of His grace and mercy as we look back, just as how my nieces are now towards full recovery and smiling yet once again =)

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