Powerful Environments

Taking this idea of environments a little further, consider the following ideas:

1. If you want your intelligence to grow: go to a library, a book store or a school

2. If you want your health to grow: go to a gym, ride a bicycle or play more

3. If you want your spirit to grow: go to a church, find a quiet spot and meditate or pray more

4. If you want your wealth to grow: go to a place where people are getting rich (like a real estate office or stockbroker’s office), join an investment club, or start a study group and meet new friends who want to grow richer.

5. If you want to expand your world: go to places you’ve never been before… do things you’ve been afraid of doing before.

In other words, sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is simply to change your environment.

3 thoughts on “Powerful Environments

  1. Interesting… I came to Ecuador because I want to grow in faith and experience the power of God in a different culture.

  2. stprho:

    Hey bro,

    Personally, I think the step you took to get out of Singapore and the comforts of our local church is a good one. I am very encouraged.

    I am sure you are re-learning and re-walking alot of stuff there with God. And more so with your faith being stretched.

    For us who do not have the luxury or courage to step overseas (geographically)as yet, I think a good start for us is by exercising our faith outside (culturally) the four walls of the church.

    And thanks for the regular updates on your blog- http://stprho.wordpress.com/ to keep us in touch with you and your wife. Keep stretching and keep blogging =)

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