My first day at SMa

My first day at SMa went pretty well as I started the morning with great anticipation!

I never could wake up so early before for work at 7am, but today I did. Its not just because it is the first day but also from the ‘training’ from God working previously at the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) for 2 over years. There, I was pretty much not-so-on-time at most times =p

Just like any first day, it was just an orientation day so quite relax. Enjoy it while it last which is pretty much soon as my direct boss is leaving soon. Ho ho ho… Jia lat liao…

I was also oriented on my job scope, one of which was one important criteria which I prayed for which is being involved in publications like the corporate magazines, newsletters and etc…


One of my life-time dreams or goals is to be able to be editor of my own publication for His Church in order to serve as His voice to educate and impact lives. Hence the experience and learning the ropes are what I essentially prayed and hope to acquire.

God is good!

5 thoughts on “My first day at SMa

  1. from the photo, you look like you are endorsing the pc or some salesman..wahahaha

    congrats ! =)

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