I got THE job!

Great, awesome and incredible news! I got THE job! And divinely after one month exactly from my resignation from my previous job =)

THE job is with the Singapore Manufacturer’s Federation (SMa) in a Research & Corporate Communications position.

It is THE job cos it not only met my specific criterias, but exceed as well with the following reasons:

  1. To get the job by end of February 
  2. The scope of work must have an element of me being involved in the corporate magazine
  3. 9-6pm and 5 day work week
  4. The salary as requested met
  5. Good profile and stability for my career to help me in future
  6. This job would enable me to be in touch with the global marketplace
  7. Location- Jurong East is near my home

I know for sure that landing this job is not because of my capabilities but due to God’s favor as my soon-to-be boss mentioned that he was willing to overlook my past record and inadequate experience.

I also know that it was due to this ‘favorable’ circumstance that that particular department was going to be non-existent cos almost the whole team had left, hence he was desperate to hire someone to fix the situation. 

While waiting for my interview (2nd round), I also found out that I was the only selected candidate for that day. Therefore, I believe if there were other candidates that met their ideal requirments, I would not be his automatic choice.

So you can say that I got the job thru the ‘back door’ =p

Credit and glory really goes to God! He is faithful and true to His word*!

Thank God for His mercy and those that have kept me in their earnest prayers.

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)

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3 thoughts on “I got THE job!

  1. congrats! but erhm.. maybe can think about these:- what about you makes teh job suitable for you? besides all the external factors like working hours and near your house, what is it about the job itself? .. and another thing is if almost the whole department left and the guy-to-be-your-boss is desperate as you said, have to ask yourself why? is it maybe because the department or the boss is going to be difficult to work with, or sometimes working hours are past what they state so things may not be what they seem….. not to burst your bubble, but just some wellmeaning advice

  2. ah gong: I guess I have not really explain much in this entry about the core (true) reasons why I took the job besides those reasons.

    Not too worry… I should be updating soon since I was requested to report to work TODAY! =p

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