Just some visitations

I was fortunate enough to have some time today in the afternoon after my interviews to visit some friends who needed some attention.

First was a trip to Alexandra Hospital…








Please do not be mistaken! This is not our regular Ah Seng here but my dear fellow Hope blogger, Tiger. He looks like he had been stabbed after a gang fight. Ha ha…

Actually he quite poor thing as he spent his CNY hospitalised as his dunno-what was removed due to infection. Guess you can find out soon in his blog as he would be discharged tomorrow.

Get well soon bro! You are dearly missed by your fans, especially the ladies =p

Then the next was a trip to visit a bundle of joy….

Meet baby Gabriel. Newborn son of Nicodemus and Diane.

Awww….. So cute rite? And so tiny too =)

Looks like this boy could be Singapore’s answer for a David Beckham….

See the similarities??? =p

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