Found Faithful

Below is an excerpt taken from one of Kong Hee’s daily devotions. This particular entry spoke to me- now I’m in a period of preparation. I have to be faithful. Amen.

“Many are called, but few chosen” (Matt. 20:16). It is one thing to be called of God, it is quite another to be chosen by God.

But Revelation 17:14 says, “Those who are with [the Lamb] are called, chose, and faithful.”

Moses wasn’t just called and chosen by God, he was found faithful in everything he did for the Lord in His house (Heb. 3:2).

Similarly, there will be three distinct divisions in your life. You must have the call of God. Then there will be a preparation period.

If you pass that preparation period, there will come a time when God will choose you and put you into a ministry. But for that ministry to flourish and bear great fruit, you must be found faithful in serving God in His church.

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