Some pondering points…

How do you handle success in general?

I learnt this from my previous spiritual mentor. When success comes, enjoy it. Bask in it just enough before it gets to your head, then let go and give it back to God.

Are you ever tempted to glory in them as if it came from you rather than from God?

I would be lying and not human if I say I never been tempted. Yes I have been tempted. However as answered in point 1, I have learn to reflect the glory back to God.

Ultimately I am the instrument and He is the Master. I have to consciously replay this truth in my mind to remind myself how small I really am in this world.

Are you ready to handle the success of being used by God to establish a mega-church of mega-influence?

By His grace I do want to be used in a greater capacity to influence others to Him. Whether ready or not, I guess God would only know if I am truly proven and tested in my love for Him.

At the mean time, I will just be faithful with the little-church He has entrusted me with and do my best to allow it to have a mega-influence.

What is one area that you think is important that a leader should adopt for the long haul?

Accountability. This helps a leader not to be above the law or board where he/she is opened to feedback/correction from close and trusted fellows. This keeps a leader’s blindspots covered and not veer away from the original focus and purpose.

Practising accountability also builds humilty for the leader which is an important virtue in God’s sight.  Accountability also produces submissive-ness towards God and His authority which promotes unity among His Church. 

When a leader walks under His divine covering, God will surely bless the leader for the long haul for His glory.

Questions taken from Hope CONNECT Journal- Judges (Day 38)

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