Back from church camp

Camp’s over!

Wow… what a blast it was! Held at the Hotel Equatorial, it was really a great place to soak in His presence and word. Personally, I vote this camp as the BEST venue so far. Great choice by the organising committee.

More importantly, I am glad I left camp with more clarity over certain issues that I was facing in life. My God is a personal god who lives and loves me =) 

Though camp may be over, but in true fact, it has only begun. Now to bring God out of the camp walls and into the world we live in!

We need to be a prevailing generation that truly impacts our society in a radical way for Jesus!

The PREVAILING CG: Qiuyan, Shireen, Doreen (front row from left) and Addy, me, Andrew Liew, Stephen (back row from left).