Running with God

Last Sunday, I finally did my first FULL marathon. And I barely completed it!

My participation in the Standard Chartered Marathon has somewhat evolved into a personal annual year-end pilgrimage. 

And the 42km stretch this year was definitely taking my ‘sufferings’ to whole new level. Haha…

Reason for running

To be honest, I dislike running and was (and still am) never good at it. I only enjoy it because it has been an activity that draws me closer to God. 

I guess I love the challenge it puts on my physical and mental limitations, and for Him  to takeover. 

And I also look forward to the guiding words and principles He dishes out while I run. Believe it or not, He speaks to me during my runs.

Normally, He shares with me lessons from the experiences of the passing year that would make a difference in the next approaching year. 

Lessons from running

This year while running my marathon, I was reminded that “it is not how you start (the race) that matters, but it is how you end that really matters”.

Besides serving as an encouragement during my run, these words spoke into my current phase of my spiritual journey.

It re-focused my attention towards the end goal and not to dwell on the present circumstances.

Along the way all of us will meet with difficulties and disappointments, but we need to “keep on going” (being faithful) towards finishing the race gloriously for Him.

That is what really matters- to obey Him (His will and call) and trust Him (in His word) till the end. So let’s keep running with God.

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