My Read of the Month:

Title:  That None Should Perish
Ed Silvoso
Published: 1994
Genre: Prayer Evangelism/Spiritual Leadership
Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 stars

There are two evangelists that I highly esteem, one is Reinhard Bonkke and the other is of course, Ed Silvoso.

In this book, Silvoso doesn’t present a set of formula or steps to win a city. What he does present are key principles and a biblical framework for any church or leader. This is good as it prevent prayer evangelism to be seen as a programme or job description as a Christian.

Not wanting churches and leaders to merely see prayer evangelism as part of church growth, Silvoso dedicates a large chunk at the beginning of his book in highlighting the need for unity of the Body of Christ among local congregations of a city.

He explains that unity is imperative for any city to be truly transformed. Reading this part did make me realise how much we as believers (including myself) in Singapore fall drastically short in this area. 

Clearly, there’s a real need for a unified platform for local churches and their members to gather in one collective and concerted effort.

Some might argue that there are events staged on a national level. But my take is that there isn’t really one where something really happens. Almost all events have no real sustaining impact to our unity or city. It seems to serve us believers more in creating a false reality that we’re one Body so that we feel less guilty. 

Therefore, I find Silvoso’s book both timeless and prophetic; a deafening war cry for the Church to rise up and beat in rhythm with the heart beat of God of intercession. And to put aside petty differences for the fulfilling of the bigger picture of the Great Commission as we approach the latter days.

Who should read it: For church leaders and missionaries.

Moving ahead to a better year in 2011

“Forget about what’s happened;
   don’t keep going over old history.

Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
   It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?

There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
   rivers in the badlands.

Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’
   —the coyotes and the buzzards—

Because I provided water in the desert,
   rivers through the sun-baked earth,

Drinking water for the people I chose,
   the people I made especially for myself,
   a people custom-made to praise me.

Isaiah 43: 18-21 (The Message)

My 2010 in a Glance

1. My unforgettable answered prayer

“When your mind is open, the teacher appears.” In this instance, my mentor (someone who is ahead of me in experience- done that, did that) appeared.

This is unforgettable because of the divine manner and timeliness that God answered this prayer which led us to crossed paths in this season of my life.

2. My greatest trial

This has got to be the unpleasant incident that happened at work. In any case, I know I’ve passed the test and trial. I didn’t react but responded with love; choosing to put my trust in God.

3. My greatest breakthrough

My ministry with City News. I’ve been shown great favour by my editors who have entrusted me with ‘high level’ tasks.

I’m really thankful for the God-given opportunities to serve in a greater capacity. And how can I not mention my maiden full (42km) marathon run?? I did it! Yeah!!

4. My most impactful decision made

Saying “I do” to my wife before God, our family and friends. What other decision could be more significant than that? Especially with the wife sitting right beside me while I’m blogging this. Haha…

5. My happiest and elating moment

It has to be the moment when I first set my eyes on my wife on our wedding day. This was at her home during the part of the day where I had to fetch her. My eyes welled up with tears of joy and gratitude. She’s a gift from heaven!

6. My lesson(s) learnt in 2010

Just let God be God. Know your position. He’s the Commander-in-Chief, and I’m the soldier. So I ought to leave the strategising and orchestrating to Him and not try so hard in taking over that role from Him.

I seek His lead and just follow. It’s His battle and His dreams, not mine. He’ll bring about victory with me at rest. 

In 2010, I give thanks to God for…

For me, 2010 was a year dripping with God’s goodness and blessings.

It was a year that God revealed Himself as El Shaddai (God who is sufficient).

Although an unpleasant incident at work did mar the year, but I’m still grateful to God for who He is in my life.

In 2010, I give thanks to God for my wife whom I got married to in the same year. She is a wonderful companion and confidant. A gift from God.

I’m thankful for my job too. With it, my capacity had been expanded and I’ve been able to be a greater blessing to those around me with God’s provision and favour.

I thank God for my present home church and cell group which God had led me to for this particular season of my life.

And there’s no denying that my successes experienced in 2010 are largely underpinned by the spiritual leadership and support of His Church.

Without which, I would not be empowered to be who I am and become who I should be in Christ.

Finally, I’m thankful that I could witnessed a number of my family members and friends reconciled with God and committing into His family during the past year.  

Moving forward, I can’t wait to share or testify more of His goodness in this new year of 2011. And not forgetting the sordid details of the unpleasant details too. Haha…

All praise and honour to Him alone!

My Doodling:

My site review for 2010: A total of 38,861 viewers for the entire year; with an average of 106 visits every day; busiest day recorded was 408 visits; and blog entry with the most views is The Eagle Story: Be Who You were Meant to Be with 4,253 hits.