My 2010 in a Glance

1. My unforgettable answered prayer

“When your mind is open, the teacher appears.” In this instance, my mentor (someone who is ahead of me in experience- done that, did that) appeared.

This is unforgettable because of the divine manner and timeliness that God answered this prayer which led us to crossed paths in this season of my life.

2. My greatest trial

This has got to be the unpleasant incident that happened at work. In any case, I know I’ve passed the test and trial. I didn’t react but responded with love; choosing to put my trust in God.

3. My greatest breakthrough

My ministry with City News. I’ve been shown great favour by my editors who have entrusted me with ‘high level’ tasks.

I’m really thankful for the God-given opportunities to serve in a greater capacity. And how can I not mention my maiden full (42km) marathon run?? I did it! Yeah!!

4. My most impactful decision made

Saying “I do” to my wife before God, our family and friends. What other decision could be more significant than that? Especially with the wife sitting right beside me while I’m blogging this. Haha…

5. My happiest and elating moment

It has to be the moment when I first set my eyes on my wife on our wedding day. This was at her home during the part of the day where I had to fetch her. My eyes welled up with tears of joy and gratitude. She’s a gift from heaven!

6. My lesson(s) learnt in 2010

Just let God be God. Know your position. He’s the Commander-in-Chief, and I’m the soldier. So I ought to leave the strategising and orchestrating to Him and not try so hard in taking over that role from Him.

I seek His lead and just follow. It’s His battle and His dreams, not mine. He’ll bring about victory with me at rest. 

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