God spoke

My post-camp entry…

I went for camp with much anticipation to hear from God. And He spoke…

1.   Stewardship aspect: G.S.S. or “God, Save and Spend”…. This will be a habit I will adopt from now. Presently, my money habit has been “God and Spend” and no “Save”. But now, it is time to start saving. Yipee… Can’t wait!

Build a bigger “storehouse” to contain His blessings (finances) when He pours them down. How much blessings I can receive from the Lord is dependent on how big my “storehouse” is, for Him to bless. Enlarge through various creative means such as investment or business.

2.   BGR aspect: Put 100% heart into it and not just doing the form. Its not about the doing but the being.

3.   Discipleship aspect: More deliberation in being discipled and to disciple future leaders within CG and with sheeps.

4.   Personal apsect: Grow intimacy with God through my “pathways”- worship, creation and activism. These are my main ones with a somewhat contemplative streak in me too.

So far since the Melaka camp, I have been trudging along with God in stretching in these aspects and more.

Tough sia…

But He must be more and I must be less.