Unlike man, God never changes

The game of soccer is more than just about 22 players chasing after one ball. There is just so much dynamism in this universal game.

Personally I follow the soccer news alot, and it is not just about being updated with Man United or knowing the latest scoreline or transfer. There are alot of things that can be learnt (even if you are not a soccer fan) from this game just by observing the happenings that surround this game.

One can learn about leadership, management, marketing, public relations, team dynamics, HR issues and life itself whether you’re observing a player’s lifestyle or a club’s standing and progress.  

The popularity of Beckham 

Take the recent example of Real Madrid’s intentions of retaining David Beckham. Some few months ago, Real Madrid couldn’t wait to ship him off and he was not even chosen on the first team squad. It didn’t help further that the club’s form was in a dip. Naturally, a scapegoat was needed to take the rap and David Beckham was the one.

Now fast forwarding to the present, Real Madrid is one win away from clinching the Prima Liga Championship. It seems they have sung a different tune and have heaped praises upon praises of David Beckham’s contributions to the club. Real’s president Ramon Calderon express his intent to prize him back from LA Galaxy but was rejected. 

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Lessons to be learnt

What we can learn from this observation?

1. Humans are fickle-minded– They can like you one day and hate you the next. So as an individual, don’t take criticism personally. People changes with the mood, circumstance and with the winds of trends. More importantly is what God thinks of you as His love is constant (never changes) and never fickled.

2. Expect the blaming game to begin in crisis- It is naturally to expect fingers to be pointed at parties whom one thinks have contributed to his/her downfall or bad plight. When every things is good, everyone is happy. But when crisis happens, that’s when the true feelings, thoughts and character is exposed. So expect this sort of behaviour from people if/when they blame you in a crisis.

“Why you like that?!”

“How come you never do this/that?!”

Again, do not take it personally as it is the carnal nature. If you know in your heart and with God you have kept to His truth and spirit, stand firm. God will clear His name.

In my own thoughts

I think over the years through my personal observations and experiences, I am amazed how God can love us unfailingly and unconditionallly even when we are incorrigible and hopeless in being good and not acknowledging Him. (c.f. John 1:10-11)

Right from the beginning from Genesis, Exodus, Judges, the Fall of Jerusalem and to our present age, mankind has been consistently defiant and stiff-necked with God. But God has remain FAITHFUL to His covenant till now. Wow…!

This truth about God and His love for me over-rides my judgemental spirit towards people and helps me keep on loving people as He loves me.

If He never gave up on me, how can I give up on others?

If He never condemned me, how then can I condemn others?

In God, there is hope for any one and every one through the ressurection power of Jesus Christ!