What an impact…

This is Patrice. He was my leader from Hope church. Though it has been almost 3 years since he left Hope, we still make effort to keep in touch.

We had dinner last night and whenever I think of him or meet him, the memories of our times together serving comes flashing naturally. I truly enjoyed those times of serving under his leadership. However, things happened and changed.

Looking back from where I am now, I know somehow it was God’s will for me. The period of shaking off the dust of that episode has built His word deep in me and refined my heart with God as His servant. 

Somehow the cascading affects of the change worked to His purpose in allowing those trials to train me as His leader. Now I can dare to say (with His grace) that even if no one else would be serving God around me, I will still choose to serve Him. My motivation is no longer determined by the approval of others or by any title like CL, shepherd or whatever L…  I am a Christian and I follow Christ. I obey His word. That simple. 

Till now I love this brother and have this deep respect for him. Back then, he looked beyond my appearance and background, and believed in me. He saw enough to see what God could do through me and discipled me. 

So a large part of who am I today is because of his impact in my life.

Thank you Patrice =)

One thought on “What an impact…

  1. yup.. i need to thank patrice too! he’s truly an inspirational leader, which leaves “heart prints” even until today! may God bless ya wherever you go and whatever you do! ,)

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