I love His word

When I was still taking my part-time studies, I was craving to be in Hope Sem where I could study His word. Finally, I am able to enrol in Hope Seminary (or Hope Sem for short) and my first class started early this week.

I really love His word. There are just so much wonderful and amazing truths and principles awaiting to be uncovered in the bible. And everytime a truth is uncovered, I understand something new about God!

I never was a book-worm or studious kind of person. My past record speaks for itself as a school drop-out. But after experiencing the transforming power of His word, I can’t get enough of studying the Bible. If it were not for His word, I would not have started studying again. 

In 2001 I enrolled in Hope’s Institute of Leadership Development (ILD) which is now known as Hope Sem. It was there, that God trained and disciplined me as a student. And following that year, I took my private ‘O’ levels with God’s leading.

When the results were out, all my subjects did farely average except for Religious Studies where I received an A2 grade. God was glorified. Ha ha… CMI… =p

Now, I am glad that I am back in Hope Sem where I can deepen my hunger for His word and sustain my spirit of learning.