I love His word

When I was still taking my part-time studies, I was craving to be in Hope Sem where I could study His word. Finally, I am able to enrol in Hope Seminary (or Hope Sem for short) and my first class started early this week.

I really love His word. There are just so much wonderful and amazing truths and principles awaiting to be uncovered in the bible. And everytime a truth is uncovered, I understand something new about God!

I never was a book-worm or studious kind of person. My past record speaks for itself as a school drop-out. But after experiencing the transforming power of His word, I can’t get enough of studying the Bible. If it were not for His word, I would not have started studying again. 

In 2001 I enrolled in Hope’s Institute of Leadership Development (ILD) which is now known as Hope Sem. It was there, that God trained and disciplined me as a student. And following that year, I took my private ‘O’ levels with God’s leading.

When the results were out, all my subjects did farely average except for Religious Studies where I received an A2 grade. God was glorified. Ha ha… CMI… =p

Now, I am glad that I am back in Hope Sem where I can deepen my hunger for His word and sustain my spirit of learning.

4 thoughts on “I love His word

  1. Your hunger for God and His word is very encouraging. Wish more people (including myself and my leaders) are more like you… Keep up the good work brother!

  2. Bro,

    same same here as Fangs reply.. yr passion for God’s Word is very encouraging and sure is contagious. It’s something that long-time believers lose easily, and your desire is hard to find! Keep it up & going ya!

  3. wah, “copyrighted” no wonder saw u taking pics during the breakkie time when we at class! 😛
    way to go, i agree with you lots, that as we start embarking on finding His truth, its a amazing ride. stg like, u just dun know what u’ll get. lots of wisdom and new discoveries of GOD! amen.
    btw, i think today i “dropped by” your blog, and catching some of your past blogs. realised we from same hometown leh! i used to visit maleka as a family outing last time like you do, when my dad drives us up for a few days holidays. i used to have a greatgrandmother at maleka, she passed away abt 3yrs bk at the age of ard 98.( i think)hee.
    it is encouraging to “hear” from you how GOD has changed and worked in your life! thanks for sharing! amen!! 🙂

    got to read up on the”free book”from tze wei liao…jia you. phew…thick one leh.

  4. To CC: Heng you say break time or else people think I never pay attention during class… Ha ha…
    Side track abit…. You know, actually quite baffling sometimes how come we can sacrifice time and money to pursue part-time dip, degree or masters outside but no time for bible study.
    I thought of this cos of the ‘poor’ turn-out of students for the class which seems ‘pathetic’ when our church is made up of so many people.
    Quite sad that not many of us Christians see the value of His word leh…

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