God is faithful

Another faith-related experience…

As the ‘dust’ of the closure of the Breakthrough campaign settles, I realised how God has shown Himself faithful to me in terms of my personal pledge.

When the campaign intially begun, I remember I struggled with the amount (not much lar…) that I was led by HS to pledge. That time I was earning a mediocre income with a charity organisation (I won’t say the name =p), so it was difficult.     

However, God reminded me about having faith in Him in regards to my financial situation; to see beyond the present and what He could do to allow me to give to Him. That gave me confidence that for the next 20 months, He will increase my income in order to give Him. So in faith, I decided to give whatever little/much to Him. 

Now after 20 months, I calculated. My present income has increased by 50%. Wow… God is faithful and true to His word.

And just in case… I am not earning alot now ya… it was because my previous salary is low. Ha ha…

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