Soul Freshing

Last night was missions prayer nite with a small group of brothers and sisters. We prayed for Hope Rome and Hope HCMC. It was soul refreshing!


1. Sessions such as this never fails to overwhelm me with God’s love and draw me closer to Him and His will. It is amazing how tangible God and His love is as we engage with Him through earnest prayers over other people.

2. Being involved in this prayer group itself is part of my remarkable journey with God in regards to HCMC since 5 years ago. Though not clear how or where my involvement in this mission prayer group will lead me, but by faith I will go cos I am sure He has something instore. I truly believe.

I do believe that becos I have seen and experienced how from nothing in 2002- no direction; no team; no opportunities, He has brought me to have something now- hope and future to His vision.

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