Signing up on God’s team

The latest news screaming in the EPL arena was the stunning swoop by Manchester United in their latest acquisition of new players in the transfer market.

Their latest signings: English midfielder Owen Hagreaves from Bayern Munich, Portuguese winger Nani from Sporting Lisbon and Brazilian attacking midfielder Anderson from Porto.

Personally, these 3 enormous signings speak volumes in terms of the extend modern-day organisations are willing to take just to recruit the best people in order to stay competitive.

It highlights the huge demand of good human resource that organisations are seeking to bolster the strength and cutting edge of their current teams.

Lastly, it also highlights the adopted strategy of recruiting these people- all 3 new players are below the age of 25 years. Organisations seek not only to strengthen their present team, but to build their future team of the next generation in mind. This provides stability when transitions occurs.

His Church today

Similarly, the modern-day Church also faces the same issues.

Sad but true, the state of our Church in our present world is weak (my frank opinion) due to a considerable amount of factors. But the main factor I would insert is that it is man’s failure to appropriate God’s word and power. This is either due to man’s ignorance or arrogance. You decide.

From what I know from the records of the Bible, God has since the Genesis, been on a constant look out for people who are willing to avail their lives for Him to use for His cause. These were some of His early ‘signings’: Noah the Ark builder, Abraham the Father of nations, Joseph the commander of Egypt, Gideon the warrior, David the shepherd King and The Apostle Paul.

From observation, God literally goes all out to reach those people whom He called. He even invest His time and love to mould and train them- from nothing to something. Wow… how honoured that God would call us mere humans (His created) in such a manner.

Today, God is still in search of His people who will deny themselves and take up the cross.  His Church are to be built on lives that are willing to pay the price and who will invest in strengthening His Church instead of the World.

There is still are huge gap to be filled in His Church. Therefore, the challenge is for each one of us to be counted for to give the best- our youth and avaliable resources to Him so that His Church experiences continium growth with stability from one generation to the next.

Man U: A great team

What makes Manchester United a great team that I support?

Cos’ chosen in the team are not simply bought or selected for their skills. But the manager places more emphasis on attitude and character. A Red Devil (Man U player) has to be a team player; playing for more than just himself. Its for the TEAM- players, manager, coaches, youth squad and fans all around the world.

Think David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane, Jaap Stam and their abrupted departure and you will get the picture.

Making it on God’s team

Therefore, God too looks at the heart of His people, more than the skills and expertise of what we can do in building His Church. He seeks a consecrated life (c.f. 1 Samuel 15:21-23, Psalm 51:16-18).

Would you wanna be signed up for God’s team?