God spoke

My post-camp entry…

I went for camp with much anticipation to hear from God. And He spoke…

1.   Stewardship aspect: G.S.S. or “God, Save and Spend”…. This will be a habit I will adopt from now. Presently, my money habit has been “God and Spend” and no “Save”. But now, it is time to start saving. Yipee… Can’t wait!

Build a bigger “storehouse” to contain His blessings (finances) when He pours them down. How much blessings I can receive from the Lord is dependent on how big my “storehouse” is, for Him to bless. Enlarge through various creative means such as investment or business.

2.   BGR aspect: Put 100% heart into it and not just doing the form. Its not about the doing but the being.

3.   Discipleship aspect: More deliberation in being discipled and to disciple future leaders within CG and with sheeps.

4.   Personal apsect: Grow intimacy with God through my “pathways”- worship, creation and activism. These are my main ones with a somewhat contemplative streak in me too.

So far since the Melaka camp, I have been trudging along with God in stretching in these aspects and more.

Tough sia…

But He must be more and I must be less.

One thought on “God spoke

  1. Really enlighten!
    People in the world is always in search of Solomon’s mine, well there is none.
    Where is Solomon’s riches, there is no Solomon mine but there is a Solomon’s mind.
    What make a wise man wise?
    What make a rich man rich?
    His mind.
    Do you know Solomon was already wise before he even ask God for wisdom?
    The beginning of wisdom is alway acknowledge the need for more wisdom.
    That is a wisdom.
    What make a fool look like a fool?
    He who think he know enough is a fool.
    What make this fool?
    His personal pride.
    He will not willing to ask.
    Ask and you will be given,
    Seek and you will be find,
    Knock and It shall be open to you.

    First seek His kingdom and His righteous and all thing will be added to you. Solomon seek God’s wisdom and righteous to rule Israel and abundent of gold and silver are added to him.
    Think again!

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