The Church, a ‘Nerve’ in the World

Some time recently, I had a casual exchange with a friend over some Singapore’s socio-political issues.

Despite not coming to any common conclusion, but maybe one that was respectful of each other’s views. At least, the exchange helped to refine my motives and my reasoning towards such matters.

In general, I believe the majority of us take a passive or apathetic approach in regards to this. And not only do I think this is unhealthy for the future of our nation (from a human’s standpoint), but it is also not a correct approach to adopt from a biblical perspective.


For the reason that we (Christians), the Church, should not be confined by our four walls as we are in the world to serve as a ‘nerve’ to our society. Which means apart from Sundays, Mondays to Saturdays we are part of this world at our workplace, neighbourhood and family to be the “salt and light”.

And being a part in the world, the Church (not referring to the physical form/building)  MUST BE in tune with the going-ons (which includes the likes of politics, socio-economic and international affairs which governs and influences our livelihood), the struggles, the needs and aspirations of the people around us, in order to love, reach and serve effectively for Jesus.

As the ‘nerve’, we serve by being the “voice of conscience”; to prick the conscience of our society by providing godly wisdom in a relevant manner that distinguishes the truth from the lies, and righteousness from evil.

Ultimately, our purpose is that the world may be ‘awaken’ to God and be reconciled to Him.  

One thought on “The Church, a ‘Nerve’ in the World

  1. 2000 07 30.1 Gibson Prophecy

    For My church, called by My Name, have been called to go to the streets and to preach the gospel. And yet, so very few have.

    Among those denominational, organizational churches, who have built themselves huge buildings, who have built themselves great ideals, and a majestic place in the stature and nature of society__they have been the ones who have not gone.

    Oh, they have made great progress at bringing in people to the church, in great organizational systems they have moved to bring more people to the church. But they have yet to go out into the highways and the byways and preach the Word. For that is what I have called them to do. Did not I command this in the 16th chapter of Mark. Did not I command this to every single person to preach the Word wherever you go.

    Therefore I am calling together a united people. People not organized by the world, not organized after the fashion of the world, not organized after the manner of the world,to go out into the highways and the byways, to go out into the streets and preach the Word of God.

    Find them that don’t go to church. Find them that don’t want to, and let them know Jesus loves them, Jesus cares, Jesus died for them, Jesus wants them. Let them know!That is the calling of every single christian. That is the calling that the church has missed almost entirely. There are very few of those churches who really accomplish this. And yet, there are some; and there are ministries that are doing that.

    And those ministries I have raised up. I have raised them up in great number. Yet few have actually gone forth beyond the beginnings of the ministry. They see a great wall of doubt, and they stop. Some see a great wall of problems, and they stop. And others see a great wall of persecution, and they stop. But I tell you, says the Lord God, I have called the church out to preach the Word in the streets! And I call them again!!

    If they will not answer, I will raise up churches that do. I will raise up churches that will.For I will have the Word preached, says the Lord God.

    2000 08 12.1

    Now listen to the word of the Lord. Listen and know that there are many sheep who are not sheep. For satan has sent in the wolves, dressed as sheep, to deceive even the church almighty.

    Listen and know. There are many of those who call themselves pastors who seek to raise themselves up in pride and in notability in the earth. For it is an easy life to sit as a pastor in a church, and be known of all in the community.

    But My pastors, says the Lord God, they are the ones who are humble, obedient,submissive to all things of the Lord. When you see these type of pastors, you will know that you have found the true ones that are called to the pastor.

    So it is with all My callings. They are those who submit willingly, gladly, to all the will that flows from the throne of God.

    2000 08 12.3

    So says the Lord God: there shall come a great separation in the church. For I will crash down a dividing sword in every single church on the face of this planet. It shall divide those that are false from those that are true. Some will be found false almost to the last one. Some will be found true almost to the last one.

    And yet, there shall always be a division. For I, says the Lord, am fed up with the sins of the church, with the filth of those that claim to be christians who are not! For I see their hearts, and I know their hearts, and I know their ways, and I know their filth.

    I am going to separate My people, says the Lord! And greatness shall come from those who humbly obey Me, for they will be rewarded. So says the word of the Lord God!

    2000 08 27.1

    Fur thus says the Lord, when I look at the church today, when I look at My people; I see marks, marks of sin, marks of wickedness on the churches today.

    For there are ministers, who are ministers because they called themselves to be so!They did not desire a commitment to Me, nor did I desire them to walk in the minster walk that they have said they were called too. They called themselves. They liked to be foremost in the church. They liked to be looked up too. They liked to be in power and in control.

    So many of the ministers in the churches today fit that description. This is not My will.This is not My will. It is My will for the power and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ (of Me), saith the Lord, to flow through humble servants of obedience. And they do exist!And they are out there serving Me in the humility that I call them to!

    But there are so many who have led the church into pride, who walk in the spirit of pride, who have destroyed the lambs with the sin of pride; all so they could be looked up too, so they can make a name for themselves, so they can be in control!

    Thus says the Lord God, this is coming to an end. I am going through the spirit of the churches and what is right will stand fast, and what is wrong will rise up in ugliness and fight what is right.

    But My people will stand, says the Lord; for they know Me, says the Lord; and they know the Spirit of Me, says the Lord; and they shall follow after their Shepherd, says the Lord.

    Here and know this: that when you see the real division occurring between those that serve and those that rise up to control and to take charge, note where you stand. For those who rise up in power to fight in this day, to stand against the things of the Lord__they shall make great noise, and they are evil. And they are the evil that is the problem in the churches today!!

    Listen and know this! Those who quietly and humbly continue to serve, those are the ones who have My heart, those are the ones that are serving Me, those are the ones whose hearts are truly dedicated to Me. They will take wickedness piled upon them AND NOT RETALIATE!! That’s how you will know the righteous ones! They will not retaliate. They will love their enemies! They will do good to them that hate them! They will pray for those who hate them! They will love those who hate them! THAT’S HOW YOU WILL KNOW THE RIGHTEOUS ONES from the wicked ones in the days to come!!!

    For the Spirit of Love flows through the Spirit of Jesus, for it is the same!

    Thus says the Lord, so be it. There has to be a division between right and wrong. I cannot allow the church to continue in the sin it is. So says the Lord God!!

    2000 09 03.1

    For thus says the Lord, My people, called by My Name, seek together to send a message to the world that they are like them. For they do not want to be laughed at.They do not want to be made fun of. So they have holed themselves up in churches, not taking the gospel to the streets; and said to themselves, we are preaching God’s Word because we ask those outside to come in!

    Oh foolish fools, for where were you when those people walked the earth seeking truth, not knowing where to find it.

    I did not say, ask them to come in; I said, go out into the world and preach the Word!

    2000 10 01.1

    This is a warning to My ministers. They think that many people following them is the way to success. It is not. The way to success in My Kingdom is to be obedient to My word to you. If you will obey the direction I give you, then you are successful. If you are not obedient, then you are a failure! Even if you have thousands of people lining up to hear what you have to say!

    Therefore, beware of the ways of this world. They think in high numbers. They think in high volume. But beware, for I think in terms of pure hearts!

    2000 10 05.1

    For thus says the Lord, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Heed Me and My Word. Study the truth of the Word of God. Don’t listen to the designs, signs, and words of men who run the religious organizations, but listen to the Word of God. Study that Word. That’s why I gave it to you, to study it! Genesis through Revelation: study it and know that truth. Because when you know the truth you will recognize the difference between the truth and the lie.

    But if you do not study that Word to know the truth you will not understand when a lie is told you! And many lies are told by many preachers.

    So to know the truth study that Word. Research it. Make it part of your heart. Make it part of your being. And therefore you will know the truth from the lie.

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