The Church, a ‘Nerve’ in the World

Some time recently, I had a casual exchange with a friend over some Singapore’s socio-political issues.

Despite not coming to any common conclusion, but maybe one that was respectful of each other’s views. At least, the exchange helped to refine my motives and my reasoning towards such matters.

In general, I believe the majority of us take a passive or apathetic approach in regards to this. And not only do I think this is unhealthy for the future of our nation (from a human’s standpoint), but it is also not a correct approach to adopt from a biblical perspective.


For the reason that we (Christians), the Church, should not be confined by our four walls as we are in the world to serve as a ‘nerve’ to our society. Which means apart from Sundays, Mondays to Saturdays we are part of this world at our workplace, neighbourhood and family to be the “salt and light”.

And being a part in the world, the Church (not referring to the physical form/building)  MUST BE in tune with the going-ons (which includes the likes of politics, socio-economic and international affairs which governs and influences our livelihood), the struggles, the needs and aspirations of the people around us, in order to love, reach and serve effectively for Jesus.

As the ‘nerve’, we serve by being the “voice of conscience”; to prick the conscience of our society by providing godly wisdom in a relevant manner that distinguishes the truth from the lies, and righteousness from evil.

Ultimately, our purpose is that the world may be ‘awaken’ to God and be reconciled to Him.